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5 Major Car Brand that Vanished in Jordan

5 Major Car Brand that Vanished in Jordan

July 19, 2022

The first decade of the 21st century has become unfriendly towards the famous global automakers, which have recently lost many previously popular car brands in their ranks. Not just some specific car models have disappeared, but entire well-known global automotive brands have gone into oblivion. Here are 5 major car brand that varnished in Jordan.

The civilian model of this car was born at the right time when the SUV craze began. The idea of ​​​​creating an off-road car for ordinary citizens based on the US military vehicle was excellent. Taking advantage of the growing popularity of off-road vehicles, GM released the H2 and then a smaller version of the H3. The Hummer brand was a natural victim of the global economic crisis, which GM eventually shut down for economic reasons.

Car Brand

Ceased to exist: in 2010.

This independent division of the Chrysler company has existed since 1928. Over the long years of its existence, Plymouth had quite decent and good models in steady demand. But if this brand of the car survived to this day, it would not be clear how this car brand would fit into the main division of Chrysler. The Plymouth Voyager is one of its models.

Car Brand

The Plymouth Prowler with retro styling is the best model ever to exist. This car was not to say that it was of high quality and good, but outwardly it looked very chic and attracted the curious glances of many car lovers.

Ceased to exist: in 2001

Another car brand, which GM also owned, also failed to survive in the global automotive market. In the last 10 years of its existence, its model line has been deteriorating in design and quality. This once average car brand was once put in the same place as the well-known German brand BMW. 


Best recent model: The 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP, without a doubt. A ferocious super sedan has become one of the best built by General Motors. The Chevrolet SS model, which was to be mass-produced, took some of the details of the elements and the style itself from this G8 GXP.

Ceased to exist: in 2010

In the late 1980s, GM didn’t have any good ideas for making cars. And the creation of the Saturn brand may have been the best solution for her in those years. The only problem that eventually killed the Saturn brand was the lack of control from GM over the release of new models of this brand of cars. When the owner of this car brand nevertheless drew attention to this, it was already too late. This automotive brand produced models like Zippy, Vue, S-Series, and Sky.

Car Brand

Ceased to exist: in 2010

Analysts and various automotive experts say that it was necessary not to bankrupt this brand but to stop car production until the crisis was over temporarily. It is not sad, but “GM” decided to cease the existence of this auto brand whose history began in the 19th century (the company was founded in 1897). The 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora embodied the futuristic modern style of this famous brand.


Ceased to exist: in 2004

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