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Have you heard of BYD? It’s a leading company in the energy and travel industries due to its low cost, reliable energy storage, and electric transmission. It is a firm supported by Warren Buffett that is traded on both Hong Kong stock exchanges.

About BYD:

It is an international advanced technology company dedicated to using technological advances to improve people’s quality of life. It is involved in four sectors, including rail travel, new energy, electronics, and vehicles, and has gained knowledge about battery packs and become an advocate of sustainable development. It also promotes green energy alternatives through its use of fuel-energy technologies.

Jordan has access to BYD electric vehicles that meet European requirements.

The representative, Mobility Solutions Company for Vehicles, was, upon its debut, the only one for BYD cars in Jordan, a division of Bustami and a Saheb. After earlier announcing the selection of BYD Motors and Web Applications and the License Corporation for Vehicles Trading as its commercial agent in Jordan for passenger cars that use electricity, the firm has now released a batch of electric vehicles with European specifications.

Bustami and Saheb Group opened a BYD showroom in Jordan.

Mobility Solutions Company, Vehicles Trading, the official agent and one of the Bustami and Sahib Group companies, announced the opening of the first showroom on March 1. This opening is an exciting opportunity for modern car enthusiasts to experience the best electric cars from the BYD brand that are now available in Jordan.

Vehicles such as the Tang seven-seater electric SUV, Han electric sedan luxury, ATTO3 smart electric car, Dolphin, and Latzar T3 offer drivers an exceptional driving experience that combines safety, comfort, technology, and reliability.

BYD Dolphin:

This is Dolphin hatchback with two battery sizes: a 30.72 kWh battery with a range of about 300 km, and a huge 44.93 kWh battery with a range of more than 400 km.


BYD build your dreams

ATTO3 is a fantastic electric vehicle with two models that have ranges of up to 400 km and 500 km, respectively. A 201-horsepower engine delivers a unique driving experience.

It makes it a wonderful option for individuals seeking effectiveness and performance.

BYD Han:

BYD build your dreams

For those looking for a luxurious and environmentally friendly driving experience, BYD offers them the Han electric car, which is a high-performance car featuring an 85.4 kWh battery, 510 horsepower motor, and an impressive range of up to 600 km.

BYD Tang:

BYD build your dreams

The Tang electric car is a seven-seat family car with multiple uses an impressive range of up to 500 km, making it a great choice for drivers interested in comfort, power, and exceptional range.

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