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Top 5 car maintenance tips that prevent extra costs in the future

Top 5 car maintenance tips that prevent extra costs in the future

January 8, 2022

Some find keeping up with their car maintenance an actual drag, from having to change the oil every 8000 Km, to checking the tires, we understand, and this is why we added a complete list of car maintenance tips for you. However, if these simple changes that do not cost much can keep you safe from extreme incidents or damage, it is worth it; not only that, it also extends your cars’ life, so taking care of your vehicle could be a win-win situation for you and the vehicle, a little extra effort can go much, 

Let us dive in together with the 5 most important car maintenance tips for normal, Ev, or hybrid cars:

car maintenance tips

5 Basic car maintenance tips

  1. Do not forget to change the oil regularly: checking and changing the cars’ oil is one of essential car maintenance tips we could give you, it is necessary to keep your engine running in good condition, each car has actually got its’ manual for that, you can either change it by yourself or take that to a center, however, if you were going to change the oil yourself make sure that you properly rain to drain the fluid and choose the correct oil type and oil amount before adding that to your car.
  2. Spare tires are lifesavers: always keep spare tires with you because seriously, the last thing you want to have is a situation where your tires are flattened, and you do not even have a spare one, or the spare is flattened as well.
  3. Change your engine air filter: it is important to change the dirty engine air filter and clean it, do that at least once a year and replace it as a preventive maintenance car tip. 
  4. Replace brake pads: replacing brake pads could be one of the most important tips we could give you, if you start to hear squeaky sounds when you hit the brakes, well that is it for them, you need to replace them or get a professional to replace them, not sticking to that could lead up in major accidents, so you don’t want to be in that situation.
  5. Get your cars’ tires rotated: Fun fact, getting your car tires rotated every once in a while actually extends their life! Different car tires wear down at different rates and speeds; get those rotated instead of having them replaced.
Electric car maintenance tips

Electric car maintenance tips

Electric vehicles or EVs are very efficient for your wallets because they have fewer mechanical parts to maintain than those cars dependent on petrol or diesel, so they cost less to run; on average, they have around 20 components. We share with you our top 5 electric car maintenance tips.

  • Check the batteries: batteries in electric cars often last for 3-5 years.
  • Do not forget the brakes: Ev cars are gentler on the braking systems than standard cars because their electric motor’s resistance is not entirely dependent on the brakes.
  • Fluids and windscreen wipers: Some EVs use air to keep the main battery pack cool, but most use the liquid.
  • Replace the lights: In many cases, replacing blown bulbs on your EV should be simple and only takes about 5 mins.
  • Tires: It’s well worth inspecting your car’s tires each week for wear on the tread and damage to the sidewalls
Hybrid car maintenance tips

Hybrid car maintenance tips

Hybrid cars are becoming increasingly popular these days, with more and more manufacturers bringing their respective hybrid offerings to the market.

Because these cars are still relatively new to the market, the maintenance and servicing of such cars is still something of an unknown commodity. 

  • Maintenance costs are similar to a traditional Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) car.
  • Check the required oil change interval
  • Longer life on brake pads
  • Cooling is critical.
  • Make sure the technician you visit has experience with hybrid cars.
car maintenance tips

What are the significant car maintenance signs?

Cars often display the issues that need to be checked or maintained in symbols or signs such as an engine temperature warning, oil pressure light, tire pressure warning light, anti-lock brake light, engine warnings, and battery alerts; in general, car maintenance service should be performed at least once yearly, so do not wait for alerts to pop out before you check your car.

How often do you get your car maintained? Did you find our car maintenance tips helpful? Leave a comment if you did and visit us at Motorwheels to get the latest car listings in Jordan, and tune in Motorwheels blog for helpful tips and expert advice for your car; find; if out why car engines suddenly stop? And, get to know the Top 5 Electric vehicles for 2022, tune in to find out more.

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