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Dodge Challenger Electric: A New Era of Sports Cars

Dodge Challenger Electric: A New Era of Sports Cars

September 18, 2022

If we try to imagine a Dodge car with a muscular body and a powerful and noisy engine, I can only imagine it with a fuel tank that accompanies this noise, but Dodge decided to start a new era in which it shifted its adoption in the Dodge Challenger from fuel to electricity.

Dodge has announced a Dodge Daytona SRT that will be put on the market in 2024, retaining the straight-line speed and engine hustle, and an 800-volt all-wheel drive allowing for faster charging and faster cooling.

Dodge Challenger

The designers of the electric Challenger inspired their designs and spirit from the first Dodge car that drove 200 mph on the NASCAR track in 1970 and it appears in the name “Daytona”.

The designers of the electric Challenger inspired their designs and spirit from the first Dodge car that drove 200 mph on the NASCAR track in 1970, and this appears in the name “Daytona”.

Dodge Challenger Electric Specifications:

Let’s recall a little the Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye SRT and its superlative specifications with a V8 engine, 797-horsepower and 6.2-liter. The Challenger Hellcat has high-octane performance, and in the Hellcat, the engine power cannot be matched, as in all Dodge cars.

With all Hellcat specifications, the new electric Challenger outperforms the Dodge Challenger hellcat SRT in speed and carries specifications no less impressive than the rest of the Dodge versions.

The design

The design of the electric Dodge Challenger isn’t entirely clear, but its initial images show a similarity to Dodge designs from the sixties and seventies and express Dodge’s desire to put a sporty, traditional design for the first car of this version.

Dodge Challenger

The front of the electric Challenger appears flat and wide, like the famous Dodge Challenger in the seventies, and the rear is slanted upwards with a prominent rear spoiler, the Challenger comes with a multi-speed transmission with paddle shifters on the steering wheel, and a pistol-grip transmission.

The performance of Dodge Challenger

The electric Challenger will likely be as fast as regular Dodge cars, and it will mostly have two electric power motors that will produce 884 horsepower based on the STLA provided by Stellantis, and accordingly going from 0 to 62 miles in two seconds is no longer difficult to achieve, and it also contains 645 lbs. of torque.

As for the car battery, it is likely that it will contain batteries with a capacity between 101 and 118 kWh, and thus will reach a range of 500 miles.

The Driving

The new Challenger has an attractive and elegant design that is closely related to Dodge designs, and when driven, it provides dynamic airflow through its distinctive front wings, to enhance downforce.

Dodge Challenger

Dodge keeps its driving buzz as usual; you can’t imagine an enthusiastic drive on the road without enjoying the roar of a sports car, an exhaust was added as an original piece of equipment, containing an amplifier and a control room located at the rear of the car.

The price

There is no news on potential prices for this future model.

It seems that the electric Challenger will preserve the beauty and brilliance of the fuel-based Dodge cars as well as the sporty performance and bustle, and it remains to be seen for its near release in 2024.

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