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Jordanian Motorcycle License: All You Need to Know to Get Your Motorcycle Driving License!

Jordanian Motorcycle License: All You Need to Know to Get Your Motorcycle Driving License!

October 12, 2022

Owning a motorcycle has become a regular thing on Jordanian streets, because of its advantages such as saving fuel consumption, speed in transportation and having some adventure. Driving a motorcycle requires obtaining a motorcycle license from one of the special categories of licenses, in this article we will provide you with everything you need to know to obtain a driving license Jordanian motorcycle.

Driving License

Conditions for issuing a motorcycle driving license in Jordan

To drive a motorcycle, you must obtain a Class 1 license (1 or 2) for both parts: motorbikes and scooters, by taking the Class 1 license exam, which consists of a theoretical examination that lasts for 60 minutes), Those who obtained a driving license from any other categories are exempted from the theoretical examination (, And the practical examination, which lasts 15 minutes. You must meet the conditions, starting with being at least 18 years old, and obtaining the required security approvals.

Required fees for a driving license issuance

The processing fee for the first time is 26.50 Jordanian dinars, in addition to the issuance fee, which is 33.20 Jordanian dinars. In cases of repetition, the fees for repeating the theoretical exam are 10 Jordanian dinars after fourteen days from the date of failure, and 15 Jordanian dinars for the practical exam.

The required documents

Before heading to the driver and vehicle licensing department, you must provide a set of documents necessary to issue a motorcycle license, as follows:

• Civil status ID, valid passport or military appointment certificate.

• A recent color photograph (4×6).

• Proof of military service for males born in 1989 or above.

• Driving license, if he holds a Jordanian driving license of another category.

• A competency certification from one of the licensed training centers with ten practical lessons and twenty theoretical lessons for those who do not have any other license, and ten practical lessons for those who have a driving license from any other categories.

The procedure for driving License issue for a motorcycle

After bringing all the required documents, you can go to the driver and vehicle licensing department and do the following:

  • Submit a request for security approval, this procedure may take from 7 to 10 days.
  • Fill out the service submission form from the public service office.
  • Handing over the form to the public service employee.
  • Visit the doctor for a check and take the required report, it is not taken more than two minutes.
  • Clearance of any previous violations, if any, by reviewing the representative of the secretariat. This procedure usually takes about ten minutes. (You can complete the application procedures without referring to the Secretariat employee in the absence of violations)
  • Pay the prescribed fees to the concerned employee.

Driving License
  • Submit for the theoretical examination, the exam takes 60 minutes. (Those who have obtained a driving license from any of the other categories of licenses are exempted from the theoretical examination).
  • In case of success, you can go to the appointment officer to schedule the practical exam, according to the role of the center and the category of the driving license.
  • In case of failure, the theoretical examination shall be submitted after no less than 14 days and after paying the required fees.
  • Apply for the practical examination, which takes 15 minutes.
  • In case of failure, a Notification of errors made is given by the committee chairman and member, and then the exam can be repeated after a period of no less than 14 days and after paying the required fees.
  • In case of success, the applicant is handed over a transaction from the committee chairman and member, then handed over to the receptionist who will check and saves the transaction.
  • Review services employee to issue the driving license, after meeting required. This procedure takes five minutes.

Here, we have walked you through the procedures for issuing a Jordanian motorcycle driving license until receiving it. And if you are a bike lover, you can visit our Motorwheels blog for other related articles and the latest car news. You can also reach out to us through our website or social media handles for all car-related transactions in Jordan and the Middle East if you wish to sell your car or buy a new one.

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