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Mild hybrid vs plug-in hybrid, which one is the best hybrid car?

Mild hybrid vs plug-in hybrid, which one is the best hybrid car?

September 25, 2022

Hybrid cars have gained great popularity in the recent period, and have spread widely on the roads, as they are considered a successful option in saving money, as they are environmentally friendly.

What is hybrid car?

The hybrid car is a car that carries a mixture of a fuel engine and an electric engine, and this strategy is based on reducing emissions produced from the combustion process.

Hybrid cars have several types depending on the method of charging, which are plug-in hybrid car and mild hybrid car, and they vary in terms of work strategy and driving range, but the question now is which is better?

What are plug-in hybrid cars?

The plug-in hybrid car battery depends on external charging, as the car runs mainly on electric energy, so the size of the battery is larger than the batteries of ordinary hybrid cars to be able to travel longer distances.

 hybrid cars

At the same time, plug-in hybrid cars have a smaller fuel tank that turns on automatically when the battery runs low, so there is no need to worry when you travel on long trips, the spare fuel tank will take care of it, and there are also some stations that enable you to charge the battery of your electric car.

What are mild hybrid cars?

In mild hybrid car, the traditional starter motor and alternator are replaced by a small electric generator, which contributes to more efficient fuel consumption. The additive electric generator also works in rapid acceleration, as well as in cases of restarting after a stop.

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mild hybrid cars have an important feature, which is to take advantage of the energy consumed in the braking process by returning it to the battery and obtaining additional energy.

What is the difference between a plug-in hybrid car and a mild hybrid car?

The main difference between the two types of hybrid cars is in the possibility of charging the hybrid car battery, as plug-in hybrid cars contain a plug to charge the car externally, while the electric battery in mild hybrids cannot be charged externally, but rather is self-charging by providing energy from the brake system.

If the hybrid car battery drops in plug-in hybrid cars, you are forced in this case to charge it after the reserve fuel tank runs out, while if the battery drops in mild hybrids, you can continue your journey in peace, as the fuel tank will take care of the task.

The role of the electric battery in the plug-in hybrid car is essential, while in the mild hybrid is an auxiliary role that contributes to saving energy.

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Also, one of the fundamental differences is how the hybrid cars are powered; The mild hybrid car cannot be operated just on the electric motor due to its small size, while the work of the plug-in hybrid is highly dependent on electricity and it can run entirely on its electric engine.

Mild hybrid vs plug-in hybrid, which is the best hybrid car?

The preferred option between them is the most suitable option for you, if you are looking for a car to get ready to transition to a fully electric car, then the plug-in hybrid car is your ideal choice, but if you are looking for a car that reduces fuel costs and goes with you for long distances mild or self-charging hybrid cars are your convenient choice!

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