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Signs of weak hybrid car and tips for maintaining it

Signs of weak hybrid car and tips for maintaining it

Hybrid cars depend on internal combustion engines and the hybrid battery for operation and movement. Therefore, its power depends mainly on the health of these two parts, and you must ask about the safety of these two parts when you want to buy used hybrid cars or check the safety of your hybrid car.

In this article, we will review the signs of weak hybrid cars, how to detect it, and the best tips for maintaining the health of the battery and engine of hybrid cars.

Signs of weak hybrid cars battery

hybrid car

Hybrid car batteries are referred to as high-voltage batteries; a regular 12-volt battery is used to operate the accessories and control units, while the high-voltage battery power the motors that drive the wheels and therefore these batteries are of great importance and must be preserved. Here are signs indicating that the hybrid car battery is damaged or weak:

Reduced mileage of hybrid cars using a fuel tank

As there is an additional load on the engine in cases of weak hybrid car batteries because the engine needs additional power to tolerate the load placed on the engine during charging.

Battery drain speed

You can recognize this sign from the battery indicator on the dashboard, you will notice that the battery will be completely charged and suddenly it will be extremely low.

Noise from engine

A weak car battery suffers from the high current pull, thus generating more heat that requires more load on cooling fans to avoid damaging the battery and that creates more noise.

hybrid car

The hybrid car battery is not charging

You will notice that when you put the weak car battery on the charger overnight, you will return to find it weak or empty in the morning.

Hybrid car move randomly

In some cases, the hybrid car suffers from a sudden stop or random movement.

Why does a hybrid car battery weaken?

1. The natural aging of the battery; each battery has a life span, and the average life span of a hybrid car battery ranges from 7 to 10 years.

2. Putting the transmission of hybrid cars in the neutral position when stopping contributes to stop charging the battery, or stopping the car without running for a long time, and thus leads to a weak battery. We may not be able to generalize this rule to all hybrid cars, but it directly affects reducing the efficiency and life span of the battery.

3. A problem with the battery’s cooling fan may cause it to overheat and thus reduce its efficiency.

Tips for maintaining your hybrid car

Check your car’s fluids regularly

You always need to change the hybrid car oil regularly, to avoid efficiency decreasing, and you should also check the coolant, engine oil, and brake fluid continuously, to maintain the longest possible life for your car in general.

hybrid car

hybrid car battery maintenance

You can completely discharge the battery and then recharge it completely to remember the full capacity of the battery. You should also keep the battery warm and if possible, you can put the car in a warm garage.

Check the cooling system regularly

The cooling system ensures that the parts of the car are not damaged by the heat caused by charging the battery or the internal combustion engine, so care must be taken and checked periodically, and it happens that the coolant decomposes with time and causes sediment inside the radiator, and this requires cleaning the radiator and refilling it with clean liquid.

You should also check the additional battery in hybrid cars and tires.

As it seems, the life span of hybrid cars depends greatly on the battery, its health, and ways to take care of it. You must always check the components of the car and give the batteries great importance to get the longest life for your hybrid car.

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