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The All-New BMW i7 2023

The All-New BMW i7 2023

As usual and after years of learning of its arrival, BMW  surprises us with its latest release, which is BMW 7 (BMW i7), a luxury, new, and fully electric sedan.

The BMW i7 2023 is the first electric car released by BMW that boasts impressive exterior and interior designs and many advanced features.

the ultimate new BMW i7

About BMW i7

BMW i7 is from the BMW 7 Series sedan cars, which comes with good advantages, it is an all-electric version.

BMW i7 showed off its new version featuring its huge front kidney grille, and high front light; it first appeared in 1978 as a sedan with four first-generation doors that were not very successful. The second generation which was launched in 1988 gained great popularity.

Currently, the company has gained attention in the luxury automobile sector. It owns well-known marques such as Mini Cooper, BMW and Rolls Royce, selling over 1.7 million vehicles worldwide of different models. The company’s sales have risen significantly in recent years.

BMW i7 Interior Features

BMW i7 interior design

As BMW has taken care of the electric engine in this vehicle and has also taken care of the internal and external specifications, BMW i7 has shown that this all-new 2023 car is capable of driving hands-free at speeds of up to 130 km/h when provided with the optional Driving Assistance Professional package.

With the difference and increase in the dimensions of the i7 car, a giant cinema screen has been added to the 30-inch rear seat, which has a touch controller on the car’s rear doors. Providing the full well-being of its passengers! Over 2022 model It features a more powerful engine, improved interior design, and advanced safety features. The exterior has been redesigned to give it a more modern look and feel.

It is also characterized by LED indoor lighting with different colors connected to the phone and with a simple voice command you can make it work. a large screen curved at the front seats with the latest advanced systems.

This BMW i7 features a streamlined bonnet and tires that range from 19 to 22 inches. Additionally, it has side sensors on the long chassis, enabling the ability to open four doors automatically when using a remote control or pressing the button, as well as via the BMW app.

Series 7 Editions 

The new Generation 7 series has been launched with three new models:735i, 740i, 760i xDrive, and I7xDrive60 two of which will be equipped with internal combustion engines.

BMW i7 Performance

the BMW i7 performance

The electric model i7 has a 101.7 kWh battery with a height of 4.3 inches. Connected to two electric motors, one on each axis. The front axle motor produces 255 horsepower, while the rear axle motor generates 308 horsepower. Together they produce 536 horsepower and 744 Nm torque. 17 Accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds with an electronic top speed of 239 km/h. It is a brand-new engine added by LBMW on the I7 version.

The electric model can charge up to 195 kW of DC charger. Which gives it a range of 128 kilometers in 10 minutes!

Every BMW i7 comes with a flexible Fast Charger. This convenient, multi-voltage charger, can be used in any 120V or 240V outlet and provides optimized charging on the move.

Power up from empty to full in less than 12 hours at a high voltage outlet. The i7 battery will last with you for more than 625 km 

The BMW i7 2023 is a luxurious and powerful sedan that offers an impressive combination of performance, comfort, and technology. It features a powerful engine, advanced safety features, and cutting-edge infotainment systems.

If you were interested to buy the BMW i7 in Jordan its price starts at 155 thousand JD! you can find it at BMW Jo

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