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The End of Gasoline Cars: Global Car brands Companies will stop making diesel cars!

The End of Gasoline Cars: Global Car brands Companies will stop making diesel cars!

February 7, 2023

Gasoline Cars brands Companies worldwide strongly predict that electric vehicles are the future of transportation, even companies that are likely to lose out on not manufacturing fuel-powered cars realize that electric vehicles are inevitable.

The EU has decided to ban the sale of fuel-powered cars from 2035, EU commissioners agreed that automakers should reduce CO2 emissions by 100% in 2035, making it impossible to sell new fuel cars in 27 countries!

What makes the world head for electric cars?

The world is witnessing an accelerating trend in the electric and hybrid industry, especially with the emergence of practical electric models that have proven their capabilities and high performance as good alternatives to conventional fuel-powered vehicles, to keep it up with the technological age, as well as for ease of use, features and advanced functions of high quality and level, to give passengers the opportunity to experience a pleasant, safe, and exhaust-free driving experience. It is also easy to drive, environmentally friendly, and economical. The car brands companies and automaker continues its brilliance in producing electric vehicles with the best materials and modern technology, putting them in serious competition with leading companies in this field.

The most important companies that have announced that they will stop making diesel cars:



Porsche will be the first German car brands company to stop using diesel engines, diesel car sales have therefore fallen dramatically after a number of German cities blocked their use to reduce air pollution, the German government is working to see 1 million electric or hybrid cars on the streets in 2023, compared with about 100 thousand early this year.


Ford Gasoline Cars

The US company Ford has acknowledged that its production of cars will be transformed into electric vehicles by 2030, and some reports have indicated Ford’s intention to invest about $1 billion in Germany in order to support its plan to convert to fully electric vehicles.


Bentley Gasoline Cars

Given the EU’s instructions on reducing emissions from cars, Bentley announced its plans to move towards the production of fully electric vehicles, adding that it would unveil the first electric vehicle in 2025, with a plan for a full-phased transition to electricity by 2030.


Volvo  Gasoline Cars

The Swedish automaker Volvo confirmed on March 2, 2021, that it would stop producing fuel-powered cars and was planning a trend to manufacture fully electric vehicles by 2030.

Some major companies such as Mercedes have announced they will not make diesel and Gasoline Cars from 2039, and Toyota has also announced a stop of make on diesel cars from 2025, prompting Honda to decide to limit its European sales to electric vehicles from 2025.

Jaguar officially announced that its vehicles will be turned into electric vehicles by 2025.

In the end, we can see that the global trend of stopping the manufacture of Gasoline Cars makes us realize that choosing and buying an electric car is the future, it is environmentally friendly, economical, and seamless when driving.

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