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The Volkswagen ID; The Dawn Of A New Era!

The Volkswagen ID; The Dawn Of A New Era!

July 5, 2022

Who remembers the classic Volkswagen? Ever so bright cars have sure turned vintage now! But for once, those classic Volkswagen were a sign of luxury. But with their good name and modernization in the automatic industry, Volkswagen has launched their first-ever fully automatic electric sedan, Volkswagen ID!

Volkswagen ID is the talk of the town. With being the first fully automatic electric sedan, Volkswagen is back in the game! It’s the dawn of the new era! It has maintained its classiness, bold outlook, and signature style.

Specification of the New Volkswagen ID:

The new Volkswagen offers a multitude of specs and features that have attracted the masses’ interest. Below are its iconic specs:


The new Volkswagen offers an aerodynamic design. It offers a great capacity and openness to fit all your family in. The roof of the new Volkswagen slopes down in coupe style. Its aerodynamic shape reduces air resistance to forward motion by having a drag coefficient of 0.23. Now that’s what you say, forward-thinking!


Volkswagen ID offers a great battery life. A mighty lithium battery powers it. The lithium battery installed in Volkswagen is 770kwh. It is built to support your family rides and adventure.

Modular Electric Drive Matrix:

The Volkswagen ID is fully electric and is supported by MEB architecture which enables the vehicle to have long ranges, the highest digital connectivity, and over-the-air update ability.


Volkswagen ID is powered by an excellent lithium battery that, along with its aerodynamic design, has turned this newcomer quite compelling. It can offer you a drive of 620 km. so say hello to Volkswagen id, your new companion for road trips!


The new Volkswagen has 22 sporty tone wheels. The wheels are designed in the turbine-style with an inbuilt flush into the wheel housing.


The new Volkswagen is available in polar light blue metallic paintwork. It’s a light blue metallic color from which golden pigment simmers when adequate lighting is available. The roof of the new Volkswagen is high gloss black, creating a contrasting look for the vehicle. So wherever you go with this new Volkswagen ID, you will be a head-turner!


The new Volkswagen ID has a narrow, classy light strip that runs horizontally in front, from left to right to the brightened Volkswagen badge, and above the visionary IQ. The new Volkswagen has an LED matrix headlight that goes into its wings and side panels. These LEDs and a classy light strip have given a new electric Volkswagen ID a statement feature.

Variations In Volkswagen ID:

The new Volkswagen ID is available in three variations: ID3, ID4, and ID6.


Volkswagen ID

This variation of the new Volkswagen offers 45kwh of battery life powered by 400v of lithium battery. The Volkswagen ID3 has a range of 348 km that never runs short on your adventures.


Volkswagen ID

The new Volkswagen id 4 offers 52kwh battery life. It has a range of 337 km with a lithium-powered 400v battery to support all your adventure.


Volkswagen ID

The new Volkswagen ID 6 offers 56kwh battery life that never runs short. It has a great range of 436km-558km for all your long rides. And it is supported by an inbuilt engine of a permanent magnet synchronous machine.

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