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When do you change your car oil?

When do you change your car oil?

February 21, 2022

Oil changes are one of many things that are required by car owners, it is very important to keep the car in good shape, however, if you do not change your car oil on time and with a good suitable type from the best oil brand, your car could suffer some damage, car experts say that the oil change should be done every 3 months or every 4,800 kilometers but not all the time as you could be wasting your resources and products.

When should you change your cars oil ?

There are different miles where you should change your oil depending on how much you drive:

car oil
Oil changing.

Change every 1600 Kms

Some experts recommend an oil change every 1600 km, and if your driving routines are likely to fall in this range, this seems suitable, however, if you are not making long trips with high speeds, and do not have a lot of wear and tear you can get away with a oil change every 5000 km unless the car system flashed you otherwise.

Change Every 16000 Kms

If you have a car where it is recommended to use synthetic oil, you can go over 16000 km between oil changes, and though this type of oil is more expensive, it has a lot of benefits for the environment, however, do not change to this type of oil unless the car manufacturer recommends it.

How to choose the best oil for your car?

Everything from the weight to the type and the grade of oil can affect your car, so this is how to choose the best oil for your car and different oil types:

Oil Weight

The oils’ viscosity is expressed as a number like 5W-20, the 5 is the cold, and 20 is the hot viscosity when the engine is running at full temperature, however, engine oil weights have been getting lighter over the year, and the lighter the better.

Oil Grade

There are two main grades nowadays: SN and SP, SP is better than SN however you should check what your car recommends for use, and do not use the older SN.

Oil price

Good oil that fits your budget is of course the best, do not go overboard because more expensive does not mean better all the time!

car oil

Car oil types

There are different oil types such as:

  • Synthetic Motor Oil
  • Synthetic Blend Motor Oil
  • High-Mileage Motor Oil
  • Conventional Motor Oil

You should use what your car manufacturers’ have recommended for this car.

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