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The Best Four-Wheel Drive Cars?

The Best Four-Wheel Drive Cars?

May 28, 2022

Making a definitive list of the “greatest” Four-Wheel Drive cars is a fool’s game (though, as you’ll see, that hasn’t stopped us from attempting it). Even when the fundamental comparison elements are determined – switch angles, tire travel, wading height, cost, and so forth – the problem becomes one of the habitats.

Some of these machines are engineered to climb up mountain hills, where even a solitary crimped brake line may put everything to a halt. Others are built to race across slick areas at breakneck speeds. Then there are the desert survival specialists who are mechanically unstoppable. Each breed can be classified as an off-roader, and each has its unique set of strengths.

In any event, these are Motorwheels favorite examples of the conventional, go-anywhere 4×4 breed, in no particular order.

Jeep Wrangler

Jeep doesn’t update the Wrangler very often, but the latest iteration is more capable on and off the road than ever before. Only part of the appeal is that Jeep has meticulously retained the much-loved design – its round headlamps, notably seven-slatted grille, and rigorous geometry are still recognized from the original Willys MB jeeps originally fielded in Wartime. The cabin is now roomier and less inexpensively built, which goes hand in glove with the car’s smaller engines’ enhanced efficiency and improved driving manners.

Toyota Land Cruiser

Another icon, this time one that has long been the workforce of preference in Australia’s Outback, where breakdowns are unacceptable. This is a classic four-wheel drive cars with a body-on-frame design and large numbers in every category. Hauling, splashing, and reduced-ratio, grind-it-out driving through real hard territory are all hallmarks of the Land Cruiser.

Four-Wheel Drive

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

This Mercedes, which is the only one without an official “end of production” date, recently underwent the only significant facelift in its 40-year history. The ladder-frame chassis is still present underneath, but the front suspension is now fully independent, and the entire setup was created in part by AMG. As a result, the car now has locking differentials, more ground clearance, and the same incredible grounds capabilities as before, the most significant change was the switch to rack-and-pinion steering.


Ford Ranger Raptor

Put any rational arguments aside for a moment since the Ford Ranger Raptor is an El camino pick-up truck looking to make a statement. It’s a little bigger than a regular four-wheel drive car, but the actual magic is hidden beneath the surface. Where the front coil hinges and the ancient Watt’s linkage at the back are replaced by upgraded shocks, re-engineered shafts and Fox motorsport dampers. This car has previously been described as a “rough-track sports car.”

Ford Ranger Raptor

Land Rover Defender

Land Rover eventually showed off the long-awaited follow-up act to the original ‘Land Rover’ in 2019, and introduced the automobile in showrooms in 2020, after a buildup that lasted more than a decade. This new Land Rover Defender is more of a successor than a direct replacement, having transitioned from a ladder frame to a monocoque construction and for a variety of other reasons. This car has all of the key vital statistics, with approach and departure angles of roughly 40 degrees and ground clearance of up to 291mm thanks to its height-adjustable air suspension.

Four-Wheel Drive

Almost every car manufacturer now produces an SUV of some sort, but if you’re looking for a 4×4 with true off-road capability, there are a few brands that have a well-deserved reputation so choose wisely.

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